Boviseal - Your Proven, Alternative, Teat Seal Choice

Our Story

Boviseal, the smart choice in teat sealAt Bimeda, we are passionate about herd health and about providing superior solutions across the board to Veterinary Surgeons and their clients.

Boviseal Non Antibiotic Dry Cow was pioneered in Ireland, where it has been the number one choice of Irish Dairy Farmers since 2003. Year-on-year growth in the intervening ten years means that nowadays two thirds of the Irish dairy herd is treated with Boviseal at drying-off. Recommended by Veterinary Surgeons, it is the first choice for dairy farmers who demand a cost-effective solution to seal out infection, reduce mastitis, reduce costs and increase milk yield.

Bimeda are delighted to announce that this revolutionary teat seal technology is now available in the UK – a proven, alternative dry cow treatment which you can trust.

Why not make Boviseal your first line of defence in the fight against mastitis?

Why Use Boviseal?

With over a decade of experience in mastitis prevention, we are able to offer a proven, quality product, which:

  • seals out new infection
  • mimics the cow's own first line of defence - the keratin plug
  • is proven to reduce mastitis in the first 100 days post-calving1

1 The Effect of an Intramammary Teat Seal on New Intramammary Infections, E. A. Berry and J. E. Hillerton,
  J. Dairy Sci. 85:2512–2520 ©American Dairy Science Association, 2002

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  • We used Boviseal last season and were very happy with the results overall. What really stood out was, this year was the first in recent memory that we had no cases of mastitis in the dry period at all. We would credit this, in a large part, to the use of Boviseal.

    Dairy Farmers - Kevin and John Walsh
    Irish National Dairy Council, overall winners of quality milk award 2010

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