Peter Edmondson's Guide

for the situations that make teat sealing essential

  • Toxic or sick cases of E coli mastitis around the time of calving
  • E coli mastitis infections in the last two years
  • E coli mastitis resulting in early drying off or a cull
  • Clinical mastitis affecting more than 1 in 12 cows within the first 30 days of post calving
  • A mastitis rate higher than 30 cases a year per 100 cows (one quarter affected)
  • Increased mastitis when cows are dirty
  • Increased mastitis when cows are housed
  • Milk leakage before calving
  • A farm history of clinical mastitis from E coli and Strep uberis infections
  • Cases of watery mastitis

Teat Sealing has never looked so good. Talk to your vet today.