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Seal Assessment Calculator

See how much you could save with Boviseal!
(NB- yellow boxes will populate when you hit ‘calculate!’)

Name of Farm:
Number of cows:
Replacement rate (%):
Known Mastitis cases in past 12 months:
If Number of cases unknown calculate as below:
Number of Mastitis tubes purchased:
Avg. number of tubes per cow:
Suspected number of cases:
Use the largest number of cases, known or suspected:
Cost Benefits of Boviseal Use
Est. cost of a single case of mastitis: £
Cost of Boviseal per cow:
(minimum RSP £6.00)
Cost of Boviseal per herd (based on replacement rate): £
Current Estimated cost of Mastitis: £
Expected percentage reduction in cases (%) :   
Savings £
Cost Benefit £