But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

With a decade of fighting mastitis in Ireland under our belts, and over two million Irish cows sealed, we are confident that our premium quality product, will prove to be a powerful and cost effective weapon in your fight against mastitis.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here, a few satisfied customers and experts share their thoughts.

We have been using Boviseal as part of our routine dry cow management for the last year and have noticed significantly less cases of mastitis in fresh cows. It’s helping to keep our cell count low.

James has a herd of 115 Pedigree Holstein cows, with an average of 20 cases of mastitis per 100 cows, per year. His average cell count is 70,000 and the average milk yield is 9,800 litres.

Dairy Farmer - James Pratt
Studdah Farm, Bellerby, Leyburn

In an Irish farm trial, the return on investment from using Boviseal throughout the herd was a remarkable 300%!

Dairy Farmer - Patrick Kelly
Waterwheel Farm, Donegal, Ireland

We used Boviseal last season and were very happy with the results overall. What really stood out was, this year was the first in recent memory that we had no cases of mastitis in the dry period at all. We would credit this, in a large part, to the use of Boviseal.

Dairy Farmers - Kevin and John Walsh
Irish National Dairy Council, overall winners of quality milk award 2010

Boviseal should be a key part of any mastitis control programme. It is cost-effective, puts more milk in the tank and significantly reduces clinical mastitis.

Peter Edmondson
MVB, FRCVS, Mastitis Specialist
Shepton Mallet, UK

I have used Boviseal for the last two dry cow seasons across the board. It has shown tremendous results. With Boviseal, our Cell Count and mastitis issues have been considerably reduced, allowing me to focus on other aspects of the business.

Dairy Farmer - Noel Kelly
Galway, Ireland

I began to use Boviseal as I had experienced difficulties in the past with environmental mastitis within the first 3-4 days after calving. Thanks to Boviseal, this has largely been eliminated from my herd

Dairy Farmer - Denis Kenny
Kilkenny, Ireland

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